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Teacher’s Training

Learning methods are changing. In order for schools to be successful, the students and teachers must be well versed with these new methods, as and when they are developed and deemed successful. Meritorious Education Network has very strong views on teaching, and believes it is far more than a transfer of information. We believe that true education sparks the desire to learn in students, and it develops their thinking, reasoning, communication and problem solving skills. Furthermore, a good teacher is able to tune into each individual student’s strengths, and use that strength to enable learning and goal attainment. True education takes place in a positive and safe environment, and also encompasses character building and the instilling of leadership qualities. Gone are the days when teaching was a teacher lecturing her students, it is now more interactive, with regular communication between students and teachers. It is with this unique philosophy that we enter our workshops, and aim to impart all the necessary skills and tools needed to realize this higher and profound learning

The workshop program created by Meritorious Education Network provides numerous opportunities for teachers, and facilitates professional growth. Moreover, it creates a forum where teachers can come together, share experiences and exchange ideas. At our workshops, we tackle and respond to obvious and expressed needs, but it is formulated in such a way that new and innovative ideas, topics and techniques are explored, so as to exponentially enhance the skill and scope of all the participating teachers.

 “A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination and instill a love of learning”

We do not desire to create standardized teachers. We celebrate individuality, as every teacher has his own teaching style and personal skill set and attributes. Our workshops are designed in such a way that the training is multifaceted, with the end goal to arm the attendees with various skills, which they can adapt them to their teaching techniques and eventually become remarkable teachers

A team of distinguished and experienced trainers conduct, organize and manage all the workshops. Teachers are thoroughly groomed and are trained in multiple areas such as problem solving, personality grooming, classroom management, assessment techniques, leadership and many more skills.

Workshop Objectives:

  • To inculcate true values and vision of education in teachers
  • To equip teachers with the latest and effective approaches of teaching
  • To prepare teachers for the modern challenges in the field of school education

Who should attend?

Workshops should be attended by teachers, assistant teachers, coordinators, academic managers, school heads (such as principals, vice-principals), parents who home school their children, and interested parents.

Methods and Techniques:

  • Interactive activities
  • Book reviews
  • Research projects
  • Video presentations/Educational clips
  • Tutorials
  • Classroom observations; discussion & feedback

Types of Workshops:

Workshops that make teaching more effective and exciting

In these workshops, participants are encouraged to make the classroom environment more interactive and interesting. Teachers are taught about theory of Learning Styles (Different students prefer different learning methods, which thus work best for them), and how to maximize learning using this understanding. They are also trained in Thinking Skills, as well as Cooperative Learning, and Organized Learning. These workshops will enable teachers to use creativity in their classrooms to garner attention and focus. It will further encourage them to use strategies such as humor to build student interest, whilst also teaching you handy techniques to maintain discipline in the classroom. Our workshops also reveal various methods and styles of activity based learning. A number of other best practices are incorporated such as the theory of Multiple Intelligences, among other renowned theories and practices.

Workshops for understanding students and children

Participants are taught to understand the emotional needs of children. These workshops train teachers how to accept and communicate with children whom they may have difficulty understanding at first. Behavioral psychology is examined and applied to children, so that teachers, principals and parents may gain a greater understanding of individual children and receive unique insights which they can apply when teaching and interacting with them. A great deal of focus is also directed towards skill development in children. Participants are taught how to develop student life skills, social skills and learning skills. Learning Styles are examined thoroughly again so that they may be applied to improve student learning, retention and performance. Self-esteem is of absolute essence for student progress and success, thus techniques and tips to improve the self-esteem of each student are thoroughly examined and discussed. Furthermore these workshops provide teachers with the necessary skills to facilitate and increase leadership qualities in students, as well as teach them the importance of teamwork.

Workshops for effective classroom management

These workshops focus on techniques to improve classroom management and to make it an optimum learning environment. Here methods are taught which increase and improve student cooperation. Furthermore our workshops explore effective techniques to maintain discipline in the classroom, finding alternatives to punishment that work successfully. Participants will learn various communication methods which are successful in motivating children. Another important realm that is explored in these workshops is the creation of a stimulating and inspiring classroom environment, one which is conducive to learning, as well as mental and emotional growth.

Teacher development workshops

Workshops on teacher development are aimed at teachers’ self-actualization. During these sessions, each participant is made to reflect and discover their potential as a teacher, as well as effective facilitating skills. Teachers are trained to develop and add creativity to their teaching, and use that to harness student attention. Furthermore, their communication skills are honed and further developed so as to make their teaching more effective. Being a teacher can be stressful and challenging, thus relaxing techniques are explored so as to improve every teacher’s morale and mood, enabling them to give the best to their students.

School development workshops

The participants of these workshops will internalize the concept of collaborative decision making, as well as its practical application at school. The various skills required for collaborative decision making are investigated thoroughly. This is followed by activities and exercises where participants engage in role play to understand the real-life application of this theory, as well as partake in in-depth discussions. Moreover, other important management methods are examined, and their implementation explored methodically. The application of these methods and ideas will serve to make day-to-day operations smooth, organized and beneficial to staff and students alike. This workshop is highly recommended for School Heads, Assistant Heads, Heads of Departments, and Coordinators.

Subject specific workshop

Our workshops even include subject specific workshops, where one subject is thoroughly explored, and techniques and methods specific to that subject are explored and taught. This enables the teacher to acquire skills specific to his or her area of expertise. Some of these workshops include:
> Language development
> School subjects (Mathematics, Geography, and History)
> Spellings and Pronunciation
> Memorizing skills and concentration power