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Sand and Water Activity

-Building skills with sand and water
-Encourages exploring and problem solving

Monday to Thursday 10:40 to 12:00 (slot wise)

Mother's Day fun for Pre-Primary

17th March’2015

Spring in the air
Circus in the town
Grandpa’s Farm
Shake and wriggle
Des Des ki Pariyan (Urdu)
Here comes Bumble Bee
We love you grandparents
Colours are everywhere
Minku ki dukan (Urdu)
Spring is here

KG II – Jasmine
KG I – Jasmine
KG II – Lily
KG I – Lily
Nursery – Jasmine
KG II – Rose
KG I – Rose
Nursery – Lily

Project Topics:

My Plate I – A
Go Green I – B
Living and Non-Living Things I – C
Air is Life II – A
Get into Space II – B
Rocks and Minerals II – C
Our Feathered friends III – A
Water – An ultimate source III – B
Man – A Living Machine III – C

Throwball Match

Classes II and III

1st and 2nd April’2015


Test Plans

Preprimary informal tests
Primary tests

May 17th till May 18th’ 2015
May 11th till May 19th’ 2015

Fun Week


At Meritorious, we strive to open different learning windows in your child’s life. Children learn best when they are having fun.
Therefore, we have planned some exciting fun activities to promote informal learning.
As we are moving towards the end of the session, we wish everyone a very happy, safe and enjoyable summer vacation.
“Happiness does not consist in pass times and amusements but in virtuous activities.”


May 19th, 2015 till May 21st, 2015 (Tuesday till Thursday)


Young Artists!


Children will create different crafts using their own creativity to make summer accessories and fruits as a takeaway for holidays.

Fruity Delight!


Summer is the season of many yummy and nutritional fruits. Children will make fruit salad with the help of their teachers to treat themselves.

Beat the heat!


Making sand castles is so much fun for the kids. They will make castles on their own and enjoy splashing water on their friends in the pool along with the teachers to enjoy the summery morning.

Catch My Bubble!


Blowing bubbles is a fascination of every child. The inherent joy of seeing coloured bubbles rising in the air is a treat to watch. Bubble making with friends will be a memorable activity for students.

Boogie Down!


Children love to imitate their Dads’ driving styles. They will enjoy riding different card board vehicles on the tracks.

Puppet Show!


Puppets fascinate young children so teachers will present an exciting puppet show in Urdu to deliver the message of love and empathy towards animals.

Class Party!


It is the time to say Goodbye and enjoy the last day of school with friends and teachers, to make this day memorable.


May 18th, 2015 till May 22st, 2015 (Monday till Friday)


Art Activity


Different art activities using vegetables as their medium to create their own masterpiece as a takeaway for holidays.

Kid – made limeade


Students will treat and refresh themselves by making chilled limeade with their teachers.

Catch My Bubble!


Blowing bubbles is fascinating for every child. The inherent joy of seeing coloured bubbles rising in the air is a treat to watch.

Spin the Pottery Wheel!


The art of pottery making is prehistoric. Students will learn and observe the process of making pots step-by-step. Also experience working with raw clay.

Poetry Elocution (Urdu)


Selected students will read a poem or song composed by them to showcase their creative skills.

Math Magician


Selected students will participate in a quiz to demonstrate their mathematical skills, the rest will speculate and motivate their friends with their cheerful applaud.

Musical Parade


Students of Grade III will make their last day in the campus memorable and will perform to entertain their fellow students and each one of them will enjoy to the fullest.

Class Party


It is the time to say Goodbye and enjoy the last day of school with friends and teachers to make this day memorable.




May 29th, 2015
May 30th, 2015