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Facilities at the Junior Campus


Technology has now taken the forefront in all aspects of life. It is imperative for students to have a sound command over IT education. Meritorious has a state-of-the-art computer laboratory. It provides all the essential softwares and tools for students to learn and develop the necessary skills. Our IT education for primary students (Grades I-III) is mainly focused on basic computer knowledge, MS office, Paint, and usage of Internet.


We, at Meritorious, pay significant importance to reading. It is one of the best sources of learning and gathering information. Our library consists of books on several genres that are relevant for the students. Different activities are conducted on a regular basis and a reading corner is present in every class to enhance the reading skills and develop the interest in students at a young age.

Indoor Games

Meritorious is a platform where we provide learning with fun so that the kids are motivated and they learn something new every day. Indoor games such as mind teasers, scrabble, ludo, carom, dart board, puzzle etc help in sharpening up the mind. Such games bring out the creativity and competitiveness in the kids and make them think “out of the box”.

Splash Pool

Our rooftop swimming pool is a key attraction for our students. Hygiene is given the utmost priority during its regular maintenance. “Splash pool” activity is what our students enjoy the most. Water play provides a great opportunity for children to have fun while they learn. Kids love splashing, wading, and padding on a hot summer day.