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Our curriculum

An effective and a meaningful curriculum is the backbone of any educational institution. Young minds require a solid foundation of knowledge to support future learning.
At Meritorious Junior Campus, education program is designed to provide comprehensive and appropriate instructions to all kindergarteners through third grade.
Junior Campus significantly caters pre-primary and primary classes under one roof. Let’s have an insight of the curriculum.


It is a beautiful blend of Early Childhood and Montessori Methodologies. It consists of nursery to KG II. It is our endeavor to provide a caring environment to nurture young learners to develop basic skills which build a strong foundation for the learning years ahead. We give chances to think creatively and increase imagination to produce one’s own masterpiece. The learning process is divided into different hands on activity segments and a specific daily routine is followed in an organized and a systematic way.

Language Skills

It is based on synthetic phonics to teach each letter in isolation with its sound recognition with related vocabulary, and correct formation of a letter which later leads to simple CVC words. First introduction to reading starts with wordless story of ORT from Nursery and continue the same series till Grade II with increased vocabulary and text. Comprehension begins with picture talk later followed by simple passages for comprehension in KG II. Simple sentence construction gradually prepares the students to compose simple write-ups on different topics.
Urdu as a national language has not been ignored. The letters are introduced with sounds which gradually help students to build words and later reading.
A numerous variety of different cultural and social topics have been introduced in our thematic program which also provides a platform to the students to perform on stage.

Mathematical Skills

Introduction of numbers is given through concrete quantity. Different manipulative are used to introduce various concepts to sharpen mathematical skills, develop reasoning, logic and critical thinking. SPMG series consist of various concepts is used in kindergartens.


It is the first step of formal learning and students are evaluated through assessments divided into four Test Plans. Students’ performance is monitored on individual basis throughout. A structured remedial program to assist weak learners is an integral part of the curriculum.

Language Skills

Reading is the key to success. We firmly believe reading plays a vital role in acquiring any language. For language development, MacMillan series and Oxford Reading Tree are a part of English curriculum, simultaneously three novels are included in Grade III Syllabus to enhance and develop comprehension, composition and other language skills. Besides grammar, a great exposure of word study is given and Spellathon is conducted to increase vocabulary.
Different exciting stories along with a textbook provide meaningful opportunities to the students to get mastery.

Social and Science

Simple experiments and visual display is a regular feature to develop logic and scientific reasoning. PowerPoint presentations and related videos are used frequently to give maximum exposure.

Mathematical Skills

SPMG and Primary Mathematics programs are a part of curriculum to provide maximum practice and understand concepts with various examples and solutions. Math Quiz is a regular feature to develop interest in the subject.