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Committees at the Junior Campus

A team of Meritorians, which ensures that the system is run methodically, activities are conducted smoothly, strategic plans are implemented, and the objectives are met.

The work of our dedicated staff in different committees is an evidence of their commitment towards Meritorious. Teachers plan and work alongside the children. The administrative staff provides the foundation for the School to run on a daily basis for the parents who are committed to send their child to school and entrust us with their future, and of course for our students who are eager to open up their minds to all the wonders and possibilities.

Magazine Committee

Children are full of creativity and when they turn a blank white A4 paper into a canvas of imagination, the possibilities are endless. Our students create such beautiful work, that it is unfair not to publish it. We have yearly magazine ‘Koshish-e-Peham’, in which each page is filled with colors and each section is given an identity of its own. Through the process of compiling the magazine, we are filled with joy and elation as to the amount of learning and growth that takes place in the campus.


Ms. Sundus Khan    Ms. Nabiha Islam
Ms. Shabana Arshad    Ms. Paras Zafar
Ms. Rameeza Naviwala    Ms. Hina Rizwan
Ms. Samra Yahya


Meritorious Junior Campus Newsletter is published biannually. It showcases all the special events and happenings that have taken place at the Junior Campus since the last issue.


Ms. Yasmeen Tariq

Events Recorder

Keeps a record of all the activities going around in the campus and maintaining each and every detail.Check out what is in our Events and Happenings section


Ms. Naima Ilyas
Ms. Zahra Ali

Be Neat          Be Safe           Be Kind

Disciplinary Committee

It is essential to teach our students the importance of discipline. The committee is responsible to control the students’ actions and behavior with apt strategies. It defines the expected standards of physical appearance, social conduct and work ethics. It limits certain behaviors that may be inappropriate or that may go against the school norms.


Ms. Samreen Naz     Ms. Swaleha Sharfuddin
Ms. Samina Zeeshan     Ms. Lisa Paul
Ms. Zara Ahmed     Ms. Nasreen Sultan Ali
Ms. Mahnoor Iftikhar

Arts and Culture

We believe in nurturing the hidden talents of our pupils, by providing them with ample opportunities to showcase their skills in both curricular and co-curricular activities. Some of these activities include musical, drama, role plays, sports, and cultural events. The idea is to inspire and challenge them to take on new adventures and bring the best out of them. These activities urge the students to depict key characteristics such as leadership, creativity, resilience, and most importantly teamwork; which will help them throughout their lives.


Ms. Samina Rajabally    Ms. Mariam Azhar
Ms. Ruksana Meraj    Ms. Ayesha Badar
Ms. Naheed Agha    Ms. Rana Jameel
Ms. Sidra Zaki    Ms. Mehwish Baloch
Ms. Shazia Aman    Ms. Zoya Raza
Ms. Fatima Fareed    Ms. Fareeda Abdul Razzak


Physical exercises and Sports activities are very important for a healthy mind and healthy body. In order to fulfill their physical requirement, we arrange Sports activities throughout the session


Ms. Amna Abid    Ms. Shazia Lalani
Ms. Rameeza Mirza    Ms. Abeer Masood
Ms. Bushra Ayub    Ms. Shamsa Abid
Ms. Sabeen Wazir Ali    Ms. Urooj Kanwal
Ms. Saba Shehzad    Ms. Fauzia
Sir Mahesh

Assembly Presentations

Coming on the stage and delivering in front of a large audience requires a lot of confidence. We make sure that all the children participate and perform to the best of their abilities. We try to make every morning bright and cheerful for the children. They are being conducted after a lot of effort and planning. Students share amazing facts, perform skits and tableaus, and sing poems/rhymes. A new word is also introduced to the primary classes for them to make sentences on. It helps a great deal to boost confidence in our young learners as they perform in front of their peers.


Ms. Shamsa Abid (Pre-Primary)
Ms. Taufiq Amir (Primary)

Staffroom Maintenance

To make sure that our teachers are well facilitated and they feel comfortable at their workplace—a neat and tidy air-conditioned staffroom is a place for them to relax. We make sure that it provides our teachers all the essentials like; private cabinets, comfortable chairs, fridge and a microwave for their convenience.


Ms. Rana Badar